Musician, Arranger & Music Notation Expert
Robert Puff
I'm a professional music preparer* and editor, arranger, orchestrator, score producer, music librarian and educator. I've had the privilege of working with a number of today's top composers and celebrity performers preparing orchestral music for everything from film scores and video games to CD recordings and symphonic pops concerts.

My company, RPM Seattle Music Preparation, has prepared scores and parts for over 150 feature films and video game soundtracks since 1995. My success in this field wouldn't be possible without all the great copyists, engravers, proofreaders and others who have worked with me over the years at RPM.

I have a number of video game and live concert performance credits as an arranger and orchestrator.

I offer private instruction in music notation. If you are interested in learning or improving your skills in Finale or Sibelius notation software, I can help you, whether you are a seasoned professional, or someone just starting to work with music on the computer. You don't even have to live in Seattle for a tutorial or consultation - I teach Finale and Sibelius over the phone or via Skype while we are both at our computers. I also offer group workshops in music notation, either focused on a specific notation program, or on the craft of music preparation itself.
Do you have a compelling question about Finale or Sibelius? Something that you haven't been able to find the answer to? Visit my notation blog to see if your question has been answered before, then email me: I may post a short tutorial.

I'm also a professional musician who plays alto sax, clarinet, soprano sax, flute and tin whistle. I have eclectic tastes in music and enjoy performing and recording in a wide range of styles; jazz and big band, latin, celtic, classical, world, folk, blues, rock and funk.

* (Music preparation or music prep is the technical term for music copying, editing or typesetting of music (also known as "engraving"), preparing lead sheets, chord charts, individual parts, full scores and anything else having to do with printed music for performance, publishing or recording.)

“ Dear Robert, My true thanks for your contribution to the gorgeous score of Selma.”

Ava DuVernay, Director

“ Robert - it was great to work with you again, reminding me of your thoroughness and attention to all details - from parts and scores to assistance, listening and note taking during recording - THANKS ”

Steve Bartek, Orchestrator

“ Robert Puff made our recording sessions on MIRROR MIRROR such a non-stressful experience. He is the ultimate pro when it comes to music prep! ”

Alan Menken, Composer

“ Thanks for your gorgeous work on the orchestrations for ‘The Streisand Songbook.’ I am very inspired by what has been created and I know audiences are going to be moved and delighted by this show thanks to your efforts! ”

Ann Hampton Callaway, American Diva

“ I love working with Robert, he is supremely professional and incredibly generous to the community. Together we've worked on some of the heaviest jobs. ”

Penka Kouneva, Composer & Orchestrator

“ Robert: the more we work together the better. You are faster than a speeding bullet and twice as deadly! ”

Eimear Noone, Conductor & Composer

“ Robert, You were great; We would have been much less efficient on the session without you. Thank you! ”

Tommy Vicari, Scoring Mixer

“ Working with Robert was a pleasure. The constant changes we made, the complexity of the score; nothing rattles him. He made a huge contribution to our Seattle session. His work from the booth was outstanding. He's a man who remains calm and works correctly under pressure. ”

Scott Stambler, Music Editor

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